From listening to a pineapple speak a language you don't understand to trick-or-treating wearing a winter jacket, as Canadian kids we've endured it all. If you grew up in Canada, you'll probably relate to all these "unique" struggles.


1. You had to learn important life lessons from scary puppets.

2. You were rich! (But only in Canadian Tire money)

3. You had to watch the Terry Fox documentary 500+ times at school.

4. You had to color Nunavut in WITH all the water!

5. You had to learn French from a talking pineapple.

6. You endured countless "sorry" and "eh" jokes.

7. You aspired to work in a mall.

8. You rolled up, rolled up, rolled up, rolled up, but never won.

9. You grew up thinking CN Tower workers urinated from its top over the city when they were done.

10. You begged your parents to take you to Expo '86.

11. You also begged them to let you stay up late to watch these two.

12. Littlest Hobo's cancellation was really tough on you.

13. But not as touhg as Spike's pregnancy!

14. Now that you live outside of Canada, you miss all it's amazing snacks.

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