Expack vs. Amazon, you won't believe the results!

Although we're certain that we can't compete with your mom's amazing care packages, there's one thing we know for sure...ordering your favorite treats online can get really, REALLY expensive. Not to mention international shipping costs which can sometimes add hundreds of dollars to your order. 

Is an Expack subscription really worth it?

How much would an Expack box be if you ordered the same items separately? We did the math and the results are incredible!

A couple of months ago, we sent out one of our favorite Canadian Expacks. It was filled with user favorites: A whole box of Passion Flakie, Lay's Ketchup Chips, Smartfood popcorn, 2 Coffee Crisps, 2 boxes of Smarties, 2 bags of Hickory Sticks and a Oh Henry!

The cost for our users was $35. International users had a $10 shipping charge. The same box, with items purchased online would be a whopping $79!

Think it's crazy expensive? We do too. Check out the detailed breakdown. 

Passion Flakie

$7.00 + $5.42 shipping

Smartfood White Cheddar Canada


Hickory Sticks

$1.31+ $11.22 shipping

Coffee Crisp

$4.00 + $4.80 shipping

Smarties Canada


$4.98 + $16.99 shipping


Lays Ketchup Chips

$1.45 + $19.82 shipping

We've worked hard to make Expack an affordable subscription for all our users and we're committed to continuing shipping to expats all over the world, regardless of the costs. 


Haven't tried Expack yet?

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