Marlene Mealy's Story

Being an expat is traveling the world with a suitcase full of memories. It doesn't matter where we end up, there will always be things that remind us of home. Sometimes, those things are food. 

Memories of food are really powerful. They can instantly transport us to a time and a place, to an afternoon at grandma's, to a crisp summer night, to snack time with your childhood friends...

Expack's mission is to reconnect people from all over the world with their most precious food memories. Marlene Mealy has been an Expacker for over a year! Here's her story.  

"My gosh. Where do I start?"

I grew up in Winnipeg where it's always super cold in the winter, and when it's cold, we love our comfort food! My Dad was, and still is, a big chocolate bar lover, so when I was growing up, he would always give me a piece of his chocolate bars. Coffee Crisp always reminds me of him because it was his favorite. So of course, it's my favorite too.

Coffee Crisp


My Dad had a heart attack 8 years ago and by the time he was revived, his brain had been deprived of oxygen for almost a half hour. So now he is living in a nursing home with 24/7 care. I go back to Winnipeg once a year, so I visit him every day when I'm there. Some days I am not quite sure he knows who I am, but I always bring him a chocolate bar when I visit him. His teeth are not in very good shape, so he really can't eat Coffee Crisp anymore, so I always buy him an Aero bar because it's easier to eat. And he wolf's that whole bar down in less than a minute!

Winnipeg Canada

My favorite part of growing up in Canada was watching the leaves turn in the fall...

Eating ketchup chips by licking them first, making an igloo in the backyard out of the piles of snow. Going to my mom's workplace at a lunch counter and having a milkshake for 10 cents in the 60's. Hanging out at 7-11 with my friends after school and pooling our money so we can buy chips and chocolate bars, getting excited when my dad would buy a box of Wagon Wheels (do they still make those?). So many great memories and when I get a package from Expack, all kinds of childhood memories come flooding back.

Thank you for letting me relive and eat a little bit of my childhood!


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