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    Happy Canada Say 2018

    You might be far from home but you're heart is always in Canada. Celebrate your beloved country with this desktop wallpaper.  CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD WALLPAPER View Post
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    Wallpaper Wednesday!

    DOWNLOAD HERE  - DOWNLOAD HERE  - DOWNLOAD HERE - DOWNLOAD HERE - DOWNLOAD HERE   Living abroad and missing your goodies from back home? Join Expack, the #1 subscription box for expats. Save 10% off today with code WALLPAPER! - View Post
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    Where to find Poutine in the United States

    Poutine can be crazy delicious or unpleasantly greasy and oddly flavorless; it's all in the preparation. Freshly made fries cooked until perfectly crispy, squeaky cheese curds, and well-seasoned gravy can come together beautifully, even in the US.  - Mile End Deli – New York City, NY Mile End’s... View Post