1. You play La Compagnie Créole at your New Year's party. 


2. There's always someone at a party that tells you "All I know is voulaï vu cucher avek moa cé soar."



3. You often hear "You're nice for a French person."


4. When you find good good cheese at the supermarket you cry of joy. 



5. When you see the price of the cheese at the supermarket the joy is gone. 


6. People ask you where is your béret, your baguette and your stripped shirt. 


7. When you tell people you're French the first thing they tell you is "Oh, I LOVE Paris!"


8. You've heard all the white flag jokes in the world. 


9. You lost half of your French vocabulary. 


10. You've heard "Do you really eat frog legs?" at least once.


11. You get your French snack fix with Expack.

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